Who We are

Army veterans with broad operational experience and an intimate understanding of the customer mission - we've walked, crawled and stalked the same ground within the same or similar complex mission sets.

What We Do

Maintenance Support
Training Development & Delivery
Capacity Building & Mentoring

Our Customers

Army Special Operations Command
State & Federal Law Enforcement
Government Agencies

Equipment, services and equipment based solutions tailored by experienced end-users for specialist Military and Law Enforcement user requirements.

Huntsman Defence Shortlisted For LAND 159 RFQ

Huntsman Defence shortlisted for ADF LAND 159 next stage invitation. Shortlisted products include Daniel Defense PDW rifle, Swarovski Spotting Scope and specialist sniper and weapons accessory “Minors” items.

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Huntsman Aus to Supply Victoria Police Daniel Defense Rifles

Huntsman Aus awarded contract to supply 300 complete rifle systems to Victoria Police.

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Daniel Defense Rifles for the Protection of Australian Airports

The AFP will employ Daniel Defense rifles at designated Australian airports to protect the community and their officers lives in the event of a critical incident.

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