Huntsman Defence Shortlisted for LAND 159 RFQ

01 October 2020



Contact: Rob Woods
Phone: +61 (0)7 3558 1362
Email: [email protected]


Townsville, QLD – October 2020. Huntsman Defence (Huntsman) is pleased to announce the shortlisting for progression to the RFQ stage of the Defence Lethality System Project (LAND 159). Various equipment items submitted by Huntsman were shortlisted after evaluation of a submission prepared by the company for the LAND 159 “Expression of Interest” (EOI) approach to market. The EOI was managed by the Prime Contractor Nioa.

The Daniel Defense PDW system was shortlisted for the next stage invitation against the Personal Defense Weapons System capability. Daniel Defense rifles are trusted by end-users across the globe for the protection of lives, including many Australian Law Enforcement agencies. The weapons are manufactured using the latest in design and manufacturing processes.

The Swarovski STR Spotting Scope was shortlisted against the Spotting Scope capability requirement. A range of specialist sniper and weapons accessory items were shortlisted for the “Minors” capability. The details of the Minors items will be released to the market later.

Huntsman is excited for the opportunity to continue to deliver unique, end-user-experienced support to the Australian Defence sniper capability via the ADF LAND 159 program. Huntsman is proud to be shortlisted to offer equipment that will make operators safer, close combatants more lethal and provide tactical advantages over adversaries.

The ADF LAND 159 program will equip the ADF with next-generation weapon systems, surveillance and target acquisitions ancillaries, ammunitions, facilities and training and support systems. The Lethality System will ensure ADF ground combatants maintain a capability advantage over potential adversaries to beyond 2030.

About Huntsman Defence

Huntsman Defence is a dedicated government sales division within Huntsman Aus and is a supplier of equipment, services and solutions that enhance the survivability and lethality of close combatant snipers and special forces and increase the safety of law enforcement first responders in Australia and the immediate Region.

The business is a veteran-owned, 100 percent Australian private enterprise. Huntsman has partnerships with a range of first-class international manufacturers to support the delivery of world leading equipment and equipment-based solutions to Government end-users.


For more information on how Huntsman Defence can support the mission of your Agency, Unit, or Department please contact Rob Woods on +61 (0)7 3558 1362, or via email at [email protected].


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