Who We Are


Huntsman Defence is the specialist government sales division of Huntsman Aus Pty Ltd.

We deliver innovative solutions, services, and equipment to military, law enforcement, and other government agencies within Australia, and the region. Huntsman Defence is a values based business. We are committed to enabling our client missions through contributions to advancements in operator safety, tactical advantages and operational capabilities.

A key distinguishing feature of Huntsman Defence is our highly experienced, veteran workforce. Our staff have extensive collective operational experience with the Army LAND domain, including within very specialist roles, such as roles within Australian Special Forces, and Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities. The Huntsman Defence staff have literally walked (and crawled!) the same ground, in the same, or similar operating environments and mission sets as our clients. Our veteran workforce provides us a unique capability to offer our clients innovative, experienced based, customised solutions in support of their mission.

At Huntsman Defence, we understand that every client mission, requirements, and operating environments are unique. Therefore, we employ a collaborative style of engagement with our clients. We prioritise the discovery of a deep understanding of the context, then develop solutions, and services, in collaboration, that best meet the client need, and exceeds their expectations.

We strive to be synonymous in the minds of clients and industry, with phrases such as “subject matter expert”, “exceptional customer service”, “value for money”, “trusted partner”, and “(client) capability development before profit”. We work to be known as a partner that provides tangible impact to the safety of warfighters, law enforcement officers and the Australian community.

Huntsman Defence is committed to the provision of consistent, high-quality equipment and services that meet the specific requirements of our clients. We provide our clients an assurance of the commitment through the employment of a mature quality management system that is audited for compliance against the international standard ISO 9001:2015. The certification provides our clients with confidence in the quality of our equipment, solutions, and services. Our clients know that our equipment, solutions, and services are delivered in a transparent, accountable, and measurable way.

Huntsman Defence clients benefit from innovative, experienced-based, and customised solutions, tailored to their unique needs, and operating environment. Our solutions are delivered in conjunction with the highest standards of quality, customer service, confidentiality and value for money. We are committed to the support of our clients’ mission, the advancement of individual and organisational capability, and the provision of a tangible increase in the safety of warfighters, law enforcement officers, and the broader Australian community.


Huntsman Defence supplies equipment, services and solutions to military, law enforcement first responders and government agencies to improve operator safety, increase lethality and provide tactical advantages.


Our vision is to be trusted by Government as a subject matter expert, systems integrator. We will develop and refine processes, procedures and capabilites, integral to our organisation and throughout the supply chain, to enable provision of innovative experienced-based solutions, that are assembled, tested and certified in-house.


Integrity. We are honest, trustworthy and mean what we say. We understand a reputation is built over the course of a lifetime and can be ruined in a single moment.

Accountability. We are accountable for our decisions, actions and behaviour. Our team members can trust that the man, or woman beside them will work their hardest to achieve the task, in order to support the mission. We acknowledge that mistakes can be made, and if they are, we use them for valuable developmental lessons.

Passion. We enjoy what we do. We are driven to achieve our mission, so you can achieve yours.

Initiative. We understand the purpose and are empowered to make independent decisions in order to achieve the mission.

Teamwork. We communicate openly and understand what we are doing and why. We are timely and share the workload. We are empowered for independent decision making to enable higher performance in our work.

Excellence in Service. We deliver what we promise and manage any problems, or questions well. We strive to make the service we provide a positive experience for each client.