Who We Are


Huntsman Defence is the government sales division of Huntsman Aus. We serve military, law enforcement and other government agencies. We develop innovative solutions to client problems based on the extensive collective experience of an industry-unique workforce.

The majority of our staff are Australian Army veterans. All of our staff have operational experience, for many of them, the experience was gained within the sniper trade. Our staff provide our point of difference.

When you work with us you will be supported by a team who each intimately understands your mission, people who have walked (or crawled) the same ground in the same places, on the same, or similar complex missions sets. 

We work extensively with the Australian Army sniper and broader ISTAR community, Australian Special Operations Command and State and Federal Law Enforcement groups.


Huntsman Defence supplies equipment, services and solutions to snipers, special forces and law enforcement first responders in order to improve operator safety, increase lethality and provide tactical advantages.


Our vision is to be trusted by Government as a subject matter expert to undertake the role of systems integration. We will provide exceptional, experienced based customer service and innovative solutions that make war fighters and law enforcement officers safer.


Integrity. We are honest, trustworthy and mean what we say. We understand a reputation is built over the course of a lifetime and can be ruined in a single moment.

Accountability. We are accountable for our decisions, actions and behaviour. Our team members can trust that the man, or woman beside him will work their hardest to achieve the task in order to support the mission. When we make a mistake, we own it, learn from it and keep moving forward.

Passion. We enjoy what we do. We are driven to achieve our mission so you can achieve yours.

Initiative. We understand the purpose and are empowered to make independent decisions in order to achieve the mission.

Teamwork. We communicate openly and understand what we are doing and why. We are timely and share the workload. We are empowered for independent decision making to enable higher performance in our work.

Excellence in Service. We deliver what we promise and manage any problems, or questions well. We strive to make the service we provide a positive experience for each customer.