Daniel Defense Rifles for the Protection of Australian Airports

8 December 2019



Contact: Rob Woods
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Australian Federal Police trust Daniel Defense for the Protection of Australian Airports

Townsville, QLD – December 2019 – Huntsman Aus Pty Ltd (Huntsman) is pleased to confirm the delivery of an undisclosed quantity of Daniel Defense rifles and accessories under a contract to supply the Australian Federal Police.

Recently the Australian Federal Police disclosed the Daniel Defense rifle was selected for employment by first responders at designated Australian Airports.

“Huntsman has a strong partnership with the Australian Federal Police which has been strengthened through the delivery of the Daniel Defense rifles and the commencement of through-life support to the fleet,” Huntsman managing director Rob Woods said.

“The Australian Federal Police have requested that details of their procurement not be shared with the public and we respect that.”

“The delivered Daniel Defense rifle is a proven platform, built using the latest in design and manufacturing processes. “

“We are confident the police officers who will carry the rifles will appreciate working with such a lightweight, reliable and accurate rifle.”

All Daniel Defense rifles are a modular weapon designed on the AR pattern and manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment.

The rifle is lightweight, features a cold hammer forged barrel and a free-float handguard which incorporates the Daniel Defense patented “bolt up system”.

“We appreciate the trust that the Australian Federal Police have placed in both Huntsman and Daniel Defense by selecting the rifle for the protection of the community and the AFP officers,” Mr Woods said.

“We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Australian Federal Police and supporting them into the future.”

About Huntsman Defence

Huntsman Defence is a dedicated government sales division within Huntsman Aus and is a supplier of equipment, services and solutions that enhance the survivability and lethality of close combatant snipers and special forces and increase the safety of law enforcement first responders in Australia and the immediate Region.

The business is a veteran-owned, 100 percent Australian private enterprise. Huntsman has partnerships with a range of first-class international manufacturers to support the delivery of world leading equipment and equipment-based solutions to Government end-users.


For more information on how Huntsman Defence can support the mission of your Agency, Unit, or Department please contact Rob Woods on +61 (0)7 3117 2654, or via email at [email protected].


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