Huntsman Defence signs Distribution Agreement with Oceania Defence Ltd

17 May 2020



Contact: Rob Woods
Phone: +61 (0)7 3558 1362
Email: [email protected]


Townsville, QLD – May 2020. Huntsman Defence (Huntsman), a Queensland based defence and law enforcement industry company, today announced that it has entered into an Agreement with Oceania Defence Ltd (ODL) to be the Authorised Representative and Distributor of the New Zealand-based company’s innovative suppressors to the Australian market.

The Agreement adds Huntsman Defence to a group of authorised worldwide distributors for the Oceania Defence brand. Huntsman Defence will distribute Oceania Defence products to Australian Law Enforcement, Military and other Government Agency end-users.

“The addition of the world-first, novel, suppressor technology from Oceania Defence compliments existing brands represented by Huntsman Defence. End-users are increasingly seeking sound suppression solutions to increase operator safety.” Huntsman Defence Managing Director Rob Woods explained.

“Institutional buyers need more than just safe sound levels at the ear and muzzle. They look for characteristics such as first round flash reduction and minimal changes to felt recoil. Government buyers seek value for money; more than just an economical price point. In a suppressor acquisition, a design that produces low back pressure will result in minimal impact to the life-cycle costs of the host weapon system. The impact to life-cycle costs can be a source of long-term value for money. The Oceania Defence suppressors excel in all of those areas.” Mr Woods said.

Oceania Defence produces suppressors from world first, innovative, 3D selective laser melted technology. The employment of patented 3D selective laser melted suppressor technology enables the manufacture of a unique monolithic suppressor with integral baffle structure as a one-piece design for best strength-to-weight ratio. The monolithic suppressor designs are available in Titanium 6AI4V and Inconel 718. The Oceania Defence suppressors are compact, lightweight, and produce minimal back pressure and POI shift.

“We’re excited about the new partnership. Oceania Defence is a great company to partner with, and their suppressor technology is best-of-breed.”

About Huntsman Defence

Huntsman Defence is a dedicated government sales division within Huntsman Aus and is a supplier of equipment, services and solutions that enhance the survivability and lethality of close combatants and special forces and increase the safety of law enforcement first responders in Australia and the immediate Region.

The business is a veteran-owned, 100 percent Australian private enterprise. Huntsman has partnerships with a range of first-class international manufacturers to support the delivery of world leading equipment and equipment-based solutions to Government end-users.


For more information on how Huntsman Defence can support the mission of your Agency, Unit, or Department please contact Rob Woods on +61 (0)7 3558 1362, or via email at [email protected].


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